Broken nail repair

It happened in the life of every girl: panic, disappointment - a broken nail! :) But instead of trimming your nails in the heat of the moment, you can prolong the life of your claws! So, today's topic is the repair of a broken nail.

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Once, when I was at university, I damaged my so quiveringly growing nails, unsuccessfully opening the door of the auditorium. Needless to say, at that time it seemed to me almost a tragedy? :) Seeing my sad expression and finding out what was the matter, my classmate sent me to the cafeteria for a tea bag. “Well, let’s have some tea,” I thought. But after twenty minutes I was with a saved nail and in high spirits. How? First things first :) A lot has changed since my university years, and now we have many ways to deal with this unwanted nail breakage. Some of the options require a little more time and patience, and some girls just apply nail glue in the crack area. There is a way for everyone.


Whatever method of repairing a broken nail you choose, the first step to the perfect manicure is always preparation. So, make sure your nails are clean and dry, no base coat, no polish. Lightly buff the surface of the nail to remove the shine. Do this very gently to avoid further damage to the nail. Then, thoroughly clean the nail with nail polish remover to remove excess oil and moisture.

Method #1: Using a tea bag

remont slomannogo nogtya s pomoshyu chaynogo paketika, remont nogtya

This is exactly the way that saved my manicure in the university years. Regardless of the extent of the breakage, cut a tiny piece of paper from the tea bag (it should be large enough to cover the entire crack). remont slomannogo nogtya s pomoshyu chaynogo paketika, remont nogtya

Apply nail or eyelash glue to the paper (use "super glue" as a last resort) and then press it down well and press it where it breaks. Let the glue dry, and then gently buff the top layer of paper so that it is smooth and almost flush with the surface of the nail. Finish with a coat of base coat, two coats of varnish and a coat of top coat.

Method number 2: Repair with silk

This method is just as simple, and works in the same way as with the tea bag. But for this, a silk patch is used, which is technically more reliable, because the structure of silk is stronger than paper. In addition, it allows the nail to breathe.

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To apply a silk coat, the nail must be free of dirt and grease. The top layer of the nail plate is slightly polished, so the wrap will hold on tighter. After sticking a piece of plaster, it is then cut to the shape of the nail, and then a layer of glue is applied. After the glue dries, it should be polished again to a smooth surface. remont slomannogo nogtya shelkom

In the case of using these two methods, it is worth remembering that acetone dissolves the glue. Therefore, if you want to change the coating, the nail repair procedure will need to be repeated.

Method number 3: Gel + silk

As I wrote above, if you used silk + glue (or bag + glue) you know that acetone will dissolve your efforts, which means you will have to repair the crack again and again. But this method uses a UV gel to set the silk patch, and the gel is more resistant to acetone, as far as we all know. In order to better understand how this method works, I suggest you watch the following video:


Method number 4: Good old glue

A mild form of crack or breakage can be temporarily repaired with just a drop of nail glue. Let it dry, buff your nail and you're done! This method will not work if the nail is broken off completely, but you can easily and quickly fix the crack for a long time.

remont slomannogo nogtya s pomoshyu kleya, kak otremontirovat slomanniy nogot

Method #5: UV Gel Repair

If you liked the idea of repairing a nail with a gel and a silk patch, but didn’t have a piece of silk on hand, light cracks and breakages can be repaired by applying a clear gel polish. An easy and simple way that I often resort to when working with my clients.

remont slomannogo nogtya s pomoshyu gelya, remont slomannogo nogtya, esli polomalsya nogot

Method number 6: false nail

Sometimes the breakage of the nail is so severe that nothing can be fixed.

remont slomannogo nogtya s pomoshyu nakladnogo

But do not despair! This is exactly the case when the use of a false nail is fully justified. You can easily perform the entire procedure yourself, without having to go to the salon.

remont slomannogo nogtya s pomoshyu nakladnogo, nakladnie nogti

I hope my information was useful to you, and the breakage of the nail will no longer look as depressing as before, because now you are “fully armed” :)