Brittle nails: features and methods of prevention

Every girl dreams of a perfect manicure, but the problem of fragile nails can be an obstacle to this goal. Weak and brittle nails that are prone to cracking or chipping are a common problem,

affecting 20% of both women and men. Today we will figure out the aspects of fragile nails and the features of working with them.


Brittle nails and their causes:

Too little or too much moisture . The nail is made up of three layers of protein molecules separated by layers of natural humectants. The ideal balance is 82% protein molecules and 18% natural nail fluid. This liquid acts as a protein glue and as a moisturizer to keep nails supple. When the moisture level of the nail falls below 18%, the nails exfoliate, crusting and cracking appear.

“If nails are hard and brittle, it has too little moisture. If it's soft and brittle, it has too much moisture”

External influences . Injuries to the nails can cause them to split and flake off. It is a common occurrence when, in a nervous fit, people bite their nails, which ultimately not only makes the nails look unaesthetic, but also makes them prone to additional damage. Using your nails as a scraping tool will also result in brittle nails, and nails can be easily broken during normal daily activities. In this case, I advise my clients to start wearing short, rounded nails to prevent splitting and breakage.


The influence of chemicals . Chemicals, including those found in household cleaners, can dry out nails. Poor-quality varnishes for coating, removers, especially if they contain acetone - all this can cause damage to the nails, and provoke their thinning and brittleness in the future. Therefore, in my work, I use only proven materials to maintain the quality of my clients' nails.

Снятие лака с ногтей

Hypothyroidism . Despite the seemingly harmless appearance, some doctors argue that brittle nails can be caused by a serious problem - hypothyroidism , a condition in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones. Other symptoms of hypothyroidism are weakness, fatigue, unintentional weight gain, joint pain, and so on. Seek medical attention if you experience these symptoms, as your "tender" nails may have medical causes.

Iron and zinc deficiency . Iron helps the body produce hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying part of red blood cells. Iron deficiency and anemia can also lead to pale skin, headaches, cold hands and feet, and poor appetite. Iron-rich diets or iron supplements can correct this deficiency, but a doctor should be consulted to diagnose the problem if symptoms are present.


Age . An inevitable factor that contributes to brittle nails is age. As we age, our body loses its ability to retain moisture. The body's ability to retain moisture begins to decline around the age of 35 . Manicurists should be aware of these natural changes and be prepared to recommend moisturizers, vitamins and cuticle oils to clients whose nails show signs of aging.

One of the modern causes of brittle nails, scientists call excessive passion for smartphones. If you type a lot, “clicking” your nails on the screen, this violates not only the patience of the people around you, but also your nail plate and it will lead to the effect of brittle nails in the future.

Features in working with fragile nails

The arsenal of nail service specialists for working with fragile nails is slightly different from the arsenal of doctors. The Wizard can help with this problem in a variety of ways. The first is outreach to the client, explaining the need to keep hands moisturized. In addition, the master can provide clients with moisturizing treatments, such as paraffin therapy , and can also help clients find the right products, such as cuticle oil , that they can use on an ongoing basis. Be sure to use a natural nail hardener under the coat, and apply cuticle oil to the client after the procedure.

Нанесение лака на ногти

One of the modern moisturizers comes in an amazing form - candles . After the cotton wick burns out, place your fingers in the melted wax that contains moisturizing oils, rub the oil on the cuticles and massage your hands to heal cracks and dryness.


The warm oil feels great on your skin and acts like a paraffin treatment.

The artist should also minimize the amount of nail polish remover, applying just enough to remove the nail polish. And limit the use of a product that contains harmful ingredients, such as formaldehyde, which dries out nails.

Lastly, take breaks after gel polishes to allow your nails to oxygenate at least once every 3 months, but be aware of how it is exposed to environmental influences. Cold, dry air can cause cracking.

And remember that a good master will always help you in the fight against minor flaws :)