Brazilian manicure

Turn the flaws of a manicure into a virtue? Easy when it comes to technology that came to us from hot Brazil. So, get acquainted - Brazilian manicure.

brazilskiy manicur, manicur po brazilski

Brazil is not without reason considered one of the main countries that are obsessed with beauty issues. Brazilian depilation, Brazilian hair extensions, Brazilian lift - this is just a small part of the range of services that are available to beauties in Brazil. But what is their manicure so famous for? More often than not, a manicure at home means that the nail polish will be everywhere, except for the nails itself :) And, of course, most of us consider this a failure. But when it comes to a Brazilian manicure, smeared polish is actually a sign that you are doing a good manicure.

What is the difference between standard and Brazilian manicure?

This is a more intense manicure. After soaking the hands using paraffin therapy, as well as peeling, the master thoroughly removes the cuticle to make the surface of the nail absolutely clean. Then, instead of applying polish only to the nails, the skin surrounding the nail plate is also painted over to make sure that the coating “flows” into the edges of the nail bed to make the manicure more durable. After all, that small free area near the cuticle, which is left by most manicure masters, is ideally stained, and which in the process of growing the nail became even larger. It reminded me of the process of how we painted our nails when we were children, the result is about the same :)  kak delayut brazilskiy manicur, manicur po brazilski

Then, with the help of an orange tree stick wrapped with cotton wool soaked in nail polish remover, the master carefully removes excess nail polish that has fallen on the skin.

brazilian manicure

Are special tools required for a Brazilian manicure?

Another distinguishing feature that makes a Brazilian manicure unique is how the cuticle is handled. Just like with Brazilian depilation, EVERYTHING is removed! :) Since the Brazilian manicure focuses on the cuticle, the master uses special tweezers that are made in Brazil. It is much sharper than regular ones, so that the master can easily remove the inner and outer cuticles, and not just the hangnails.

Removing the outer layer of the cuticle is often considered controversial because this part of the skin prevents bacteria from getting into your nails.

That is why Brazilian manicure technology has its opponents:

“A lot of people like the Brazilian manicure because they love the neat look of the end result,” says New York-based nail artist Jin Chewie. “But I don’t recommend doing it, because after a few days of removing so much cuticle, it grows back in uneven parts and starts to peel off.”

brazilskiy manicur, kutikula pri brazilskom manicure

How long does the Brazilian manicure process take?

On average, the Brazilian manicure procedure takes about 40 minutes, depending on the professionalism of the master. And of course, a myriad of cotton rolls go away :)

resultat brazilskogo manicura

Tips for those who want to do a Brazilian manicure on their own

I would not recommend removing the cuticles at home with your own hands, especially if “those” Brazilian tweezers fell into your hands. This can be quite dangerous, so simply push your cuticles back with an orangewood stick, which will also come in handy later on for removing excess polish.

udalenie kutikuly

Do not rub off the polish with rough pressure strokes, as you will smear it even more.

I hope now it is easier for you to understand how to make this interesting manicure at home.