Black French

French manicure is a timeless classic. And many mistakenly believe that everything is limited to the classics. Today I will tell you about a more creative manicure - a black french that fits almost any style.

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A couple of decades ago, the use of black nail polish in everyday manicure was quite unexpected, and most often such a manicure was a sign of informal musical movements. Times are changing, thanks to the modern views of others on life, and on manicure in particular, because now you can give free rein to your imagination and not shock grandmothers under the porch by waving your black manicure in front of them (as it was in my school years) :) neformalniy manicur, manicur dlya pankov

Nowadays, dark shades of nail polishes have become almost a classic. And, of course, this trend could not get past the French manicure, luring it to its "dark" side :) One of the reasons why I love the black french is that this manicure design is great for both short and long nails . Another huge plus of this manicure is its versatility. At the moment, there are many varieties of a black french that can emphasize your individuality in a business setting (without violating the work dress code), and at the same time become a stylish addition to your evening look. I will not torment you, and I will present the most beloved varieties of black jacket to me and my clients:

Matte black french

My favorite manicure inspired by the legendary designer item.

cherniy french, cherniy francuzkiy manicur, temniy french, matoviy french

A few years ago, Yves Saint Laurent brought models to the catwalk, whose hands were decorated with matte black nails with shiny tips, skillfully reminiscent of the classic black velvet french with silk trim - one of the hallmarks of this fashion house.

smoking ysl

Manicure instantly earned must-have status among models and celebrities due to its simplicity and sophistication. Since this manicure is quite easy to do on your own, this variation of the French manicure quickly fell in love with thousands of ordinary girls around the world! What you will need:

  • Base coat
  • black lacquer
  • Matte finish

Step 1. Apply a base coat of varnish.

Step 2. Then apply two coats of black top coat.

Step 3. Apply one coat of clear matte polish over black. Let it dry for two to three minutes.

Step 4. To get a glossy nail tip, simply cover it with black or clear glossy polish. Both options will give the same results.

Tip: If you don’t have a matte finish at home, in extreme cases, you can hold your polished nails over the steam for a couple of minutes. But be extremely careful - do not hold your hands too low above the steam, otherwise you risk getting burned.

Elegant Black French Manicure

This is almost a classic version of the French manicure. Combine elegant black and delicate pink for a more feminine look. Dots and small crystals will make your manicure even more interesting. cherniy french, cherniy francuzkiy manicur, temniy french, elegantniy french, svadebniy manicur

Black french with an ornament

This kind of black french, of course, cannot be done independently. But on the other hand, such a design will instantly attract the attention of others to your beautiful nails. Floral motifs, or oriental ornaments reminiscent of henna drawings - this manicure will obviously not leave anyone indifferent. cherniy french, cherniy francuzkiy manicur, temniy french s ornamentom

Slim black french

If you are a fan of subtle shades, but at the same time you like the idea of a black French manicure, then this option is definitely for you. I recommend highlighting the black tips a little thinner than with a regular French manicure. Thus, the black color will not contrast too much with the light base. An interesting feature is that fashion gurus advise in this design not to draw lines perfectly straight and even. After all, this small detail adds intrigue. cherniy french, cherniy francuzkiy manicur, temniy french, tonkiy cherniy french

Add colors

No matter how paradoxical it may sound, but designers advise to dilute the black french with colors :) The color scheme depends only on the flight of your imagination. And the result will be fantastic, I assure you!

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Today we are once again convinced that the French manicure does not intend to give up its leadership positions, and will show off on our pens in different variations for a long time to come. I don't have the slightest objection! :)