Biogel: durable coating and healthy nails

Is your goal a long-lasting manicure without harming your nails? If the answer is yes, then I have something interesting for you! Let's talk today about biogel - a real healer for nails.

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What is biogel?

Biogel is a durable coating that can be applied to any type of nails, just like regular varnish. The gel does not contain any toxic chemicals (i.e. it does not contain acrylic, formaldehyde, toluene, etc.), but contains protein, and is designed to act as a protective layer for your natural nails, caring for and improving overall nail health while providing long lasting coverage without chipping or roughness.

Types of biogel for nails

At the moment, manufacturers produce several products. The main ones are: sculptor biogel, transparent and colored biogel. Transparent biogel is used to strengthen nails, as well as a base. biogel, biogel dlya nogtey, biogel dlya manicura, prozrachniy biogel

The sculptor is used to align the nail plate, as well as for harmless extension, because this gel has a fairly thick consistency and is applied in a thick layer.

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In order to add color, a colored biogel is applied directly on top of the sculptor's biogel, which can then be wiped off with a special biogel remover.

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At the same time, the gel-sculptor coating remains untouched, and makes it possible to easily change the color scheme of your manicure as often as you want. Well, isn't it a miracle! :)

How does it works?

The biogel application procedure does not require preliminary degreasing or excessive polishing of the nail. You can also do without the base coat and primer - the gel will stay on your nails perfectly anyway. The biogel is applied directly to the natural nail without compromising its natural flexibility, while keeping the nails perfectly protected thanks to the durability of the coating. The gel does not emit any toxic fumes and does not have strong odors, so people prone to allergic reactions will definitely like this remedy.

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After application, the biogel is dried for two minutes under a special lamp. The gel is compatible with both UV and LED lamps. Manufacturers assure that with proper application, the product will last at least three weeks .

What is the difference between biogel and other gel polishes?

The most important difference between biogel and its other gel relatives is that the product does not cause any damage to natural nails, and in addition to the aesthetic pleasure of an even, durable coating, you also get its healing properties as a bonus: the damaged nail plate is restored and strengthened, and the general condition of the nails improves significantly. Most of these gel polishes that we love are usually used in combination with primers / dehydrators for better adhesion to the surface of the nail. In some cases, this can cause dehydration of the nail plate and lead to problems such as brittle nails, splitting, or white spots. I advise all my clients to periodically take small breaks in their passion for gel polish and give their nails a little “breathe”. But in the case of biogel, this advice is not relevant, since the nail "breathes" even under the coating. Biogel can also be used for airbrushing. After all, airbrushing is done using water-based paint, which is compatible with biogel sculptor. Another nice feature of biogel polish is its wide range of colors. There are currently over 150 shades available. What can not but rejoice! :)

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A word of advice: wear seals when using cleaners containing ammonia, as it softens the biogel over time.

From my practice, I also know that many girls who are in a position are interested in this product. Like, it is safer in comparison with the same gel polish. But do not forget that doctors do not recommend doing a manicure with gel polish, not because of the coating itself, but because of the possibility of a negative effect of a UV lamp. So, in this case, just pay attention to the master working with the LED lamp and be well-groomed and beautiful even in such an exciting period of waiting for the baby.

How to remove biogel?

The Biogel Sculptor can be removed within minutes with a specially formulated liquid designed to remove the Bio Gel without damaging or dehydrating the natural nails. biogel, biogel dlya nogtey, zhidkost dlya snyatiya biogelya

The procedure is similar to removing a regular gel coating: simply soak a cotton pad in the biogel remover, and then wrap your finger in foil. After about 10 minutes, the gel will peel off, leaving beautiful, healthy nails underneath. biogel, biogel dlya nogtey, snyatie biogelya

Colored biogel nail polish can be removed with a simple acetone-free nail polish remover, and as I said it will not damage the layer of sculptor biogel coating underneath.

In general, girls, just a miracle, not a product! :) Despite the fact that most manicure masters still prefer working with standard gel polishes, I am sure that in the future, manicure with biogel will take a leading position in this area.