Beauty inside and out!

These vitamins make us beautiful both outside and inside. List of the best vitamins for beautiful and delicate skin, as well as for good health.

Vitaminy dlja krasivogo lica and healthy skin

Vitamin A

A Vitamin A lie down to the strongest speeches, which are the most important. These include fatty speech, such as retinol and ratinic acid. Cosmetics often contain retinol, so vitamin A has a clean look. Vitamin A sprays the formation of collagen and elastin fibers and in this way makes the skin elastic and elastic (spring). The products of the animal diet (liver, sea fish, eggs and dairy products) supply our organisms with vitamin A. In addition, the storage part of vitamin A, beta-carotene is found in a large number of carrots. The one who additionally takes food additives from vitamin A will definitely be satisfied with the structure of the skin. Remember that Vitamin A protects against infections!

Vitamin B

Vitaminy dlja krasivogo lica and healthy skin Vitamins of the B group to solve skin problems. Vitamin B2 heals dry skin; Vitamin B 3 zmіtsnyuє natural bar'єr shkіri and likvіduє possibile chervonіnnya; Vitamin B 5 spray for healing wounds. Avocado, eggs and legumes are the main sources of vitamin B.


Vitamin E

Vitaminy dlja krasivogo lica and healthy skin

Vitamin E is a companion of the dogless shkіri, it protects you from the ancient times, at the same time liberating. Vicorist products with high vitamin E content, you can say goodbye to cellulite forever, the shards of this vitamin will improve the health of the tissue. It is simply miraculous that this vitamin is found in our dormouse, peas, spinach, and watermelons.

Vitamin C (C)

Vitaminy dlja krasivogo lica and healthy skin Ascorbic acid is the most commonly used form of vitamin C. This vitamin protects the body of a person from the negative impacts of the nautical medium. That same vitamin C is an indispensable tool for problem skin. In addition, regardless of the fact that we drink fresh juices, we take food supplements scientifically proven to show that a high amount of this vitamin in the body burns close to 25% fat.


Vibirayuchi їzhu, remember, sho mi є those, sho mi їmo! We choose the right healthy food and look at all 100, even if it’s my day!