You have not yet met on the streets of Kyiv, it would seem, a normal, but completely barefoot person. It is quite possible that this will happen in the near future. I want to introduce you to these strange people - barefooters - ardent supporters of walking barefoot.

barefuting, hod'ba bosikom, bosohozhdenie, bosye nogi, hod'ba bez obuvi Background

As history tells, walking barefoot has existed at all times. No, we are not talking about that period of humanity when people simply did not have anything to put on and they simply did not know anything about all kinds of sandals with shoes and sandals. We are talking about quite advanced civilizations. For example, the Egyptians with their pyramids, which became one of the wonders of the world, or the Greeks with their amazing culture, which left us a rich heritage - both of them believed that walking barefoot is very good for health. barefuting, hod'ba bosikom, bosohozhdenie, bosye nogi, hod'ba bez obuvi

There was such a tradition in medieval Europe. True, there it mainly concerned only monks, for example, representatives of the Carmelite order were required to take a vow to do without shoes throughout their lives. As for Muslims, none of them will allow themselves to go to the mosque to pray in shoes even today. Yes, and some Christian worshipers in the modern XXI century prefer to go on a pilgrimage barefoot.

Development of the movement today

It turns out that today the barefoot movement is becoming more and more popular. The society, and the international one, has existed since 1994 and is known as barefooting. They even managed to establish a whole barefoot week. barefuting, hod'ba bosikom, bosohozhdenie, bosye nogi, hod'ba bez obuvi

Despite the fact that the largest number of members of society live in countries with a warm climate, which, in fact, is not surprising, there are more and more of them in the countries of the post-Soviet space. Including in Ukraine. Already now the first barefoot clubs have appeared in Kyiv. That's what beauty is - some especially creative fashionistas will think. After all, now you can always show off a beautiful and stylish pedicure.

But, if you joke. But seriously, they explain their love of walking barefoot by the fact that it is extremely pleasant for them to walk barefoot on the ground and feel it. They believe that shoes only hinder movement and disrupt gait. In principle, if you look, then walking on shoes is not only useful, but also very beautiful. barefuting, hod'ba bosikom, bosohozhdenie, bosye nogi, hod'ba bez obuvi

Andrei Novoselov is deservedly considered the most famous barefooter in Kyiv, and he abandoned shoes about 10 years ago. On some days, he managed to walk barefoot through the capital for 30 km. The man himself explains his position as follows:

  1. Walking barefoot is a real psychological therapy.
  2. Excellent neurophysiological practice - there are many so-called sensory points on the sole and their activation stimulates the brain.
  3. Barefooting delays the onset of old age, not only gait and posture are automatically normalized, but also the same respiratory functions, which is very important for older people. And, by and large, and not only for them.

The Real Benefits of Movement

But, seriously speaking, the benefits of walking barefoot are also confirmed by official medicine. Doctors say that it:

  • strengthens the immune system;
  • increases resistance to viral and respiratory infections;
  • prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases;
  • reduces the risk of getting fungal diseases of the feet;
  • stabilizes nerve receptors and, accordingly, increases the level of stress resistance.

barefuting, hod'ba bosikom, bosohozhdenie, bosye nogi, hod'ba bez obuvi And for dear ladies, in addition to being able to demonstrate to everyone a beautiful designer pedicure, barefoot walking is most useful. Acting as a prophylactic for diseases of the venous system, it perfectly relaxes tired legs after high heels.

Walking barefoot around the city or not is a personal matter for everyone. If you are not ready to walk barefoot around the city, you can start with walks in nature. The main thing is that you are healthy. What we wish you with all our hearts.