All the subtleties of children's manicure

Mothers often tell funny stories from our childhood: how we tried on their shoes and jewelry, smeared tubes of expensive lipstick, sprayed perfume, and selflessly painted our nails and doll's.

Детский маникюр

These stories from the past evoke pleasant emotions in us. Until it comes to your own children and their desire to get their nails done. It seems that a manicure for children is the child's pampering and the immaturity of the parents, a threat to the baby's health, indulgence in fashion, depriving the crumbs of the joy of adulting. In order to understand the issue that worries many parents, I talked with the master of children's manicure in Kiev , as well as a children's dermatologist and psychologist. And here's what I found out:

What do psychologists say?

Canadian psychologist Sarah Dimerman believes that manicure for 10 years old children and younger is not beneficial, as it can reinforce the girl's belief that her hands aren't good without embellishment. European psychologists take a different point of view: caring for hands and nails from childhood instills acceptance of one's body, the basics of femininity, an understanding of the need to be well-groomed and healthy, and also creates a special emotional connection with mother.


The age at which you can do cosmetic procedures on the nails is easy to determine: if the child can sit for 15-20 minutes without moving, you can already call the manicurist to the house.

Мама красит ногти ребенку

Also, well-groomed nails will help the child independently and painlessly cope with the negative habit of nail biting. Who would want to spoil such beauty?

Девочка грызет ногти

What do dermatologists and manicurists say?

Each age group has its own recommendations:

  • 5-9 years: manicure is best done hygienic, aimed at caring for the nails and getting rid of traumatic hangnails. The nail is trimmed along the line of the fingertips. You can use bases or neutral varnishes in pastel shades.
  • 9-12 years old: there is an opportunity to experiment with colors, rhinestones, patterns, stickers and transfers on nails, which will emphasize the individuality of the child and create a festive mood.
  • 12-16 years: You can leave the free edge of the nail slightly longer, but extensions are still best avoided. Otherwise, the flight of fantasy of the master and the young fashionista is limited only by school regulations.

Разноцветные ногти у детей

In order to the manicure to be safe, parents need to:

  1. Choose a good manicurist, who understands the importance of disinfecting tools using antibacterial soaps and antiseptic solutions. It is desirable that the master was a bit of a psychologist and had the opportunity to go home. The child should be as comfortable as possible during the procedure. The price of a manicure at home is often lower than salon ones.
  2. Make sure that the varnishes that the master uses don't contain formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate. It is desirable that the varnish be water-based with a calcium content. Гифка лак для ногтей
  3. Know that cutting the cuticles in children is strictly contraindicated, as this can cause infection. Also, a children's nail (up to 15-16 years old) shouldn't be subjected to grinding and polishing.
  4. Observe the temperature regime of the hand bath not higher than 37 degrees. You can add lavender essential oil or chamomile decoction to the water and use tasty-smelling almond oil to massage your palms.
  5. Make sure that the nail file is glass, or with high abrasiveness.
  6. Use baby hypoallergenic cosmetics for care.
  7. Allow your child to be a bright personality and enjoy spending time. It's never too early for this!